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Huckleberry Lighting

Long Distance Signal Sender

Long Distance Signal Sender

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In situations where you need to make a long distance jump (30+ feet*) between light strings, you may encounter data signal issues. This is why we designed the Huckleberry Signal Extending System. The Huckleberry Signal Sender converts the incoming data signal to a special 2-wire signal and sends it to a Huckleberry Signal Receiver. Both the Sender and Huckleberry Controller can communicate up to 500+ feet to a Huckleberry Signal Receiver.

To make a long distance jump between two sections of lights, add a signal sender at the end of the first section of lights and a signal receiver at the start of the next section of lights (see wiring diagram below under Resources). If the jump is between a Huckleberry Controller and Huckleberry Receiver, a Sender is not required; however, if using another controller, a Sender can extend the signal to a Huckleberry Receiver.

We have reliably tested data transmission over 500 feet of cable with a perfect data signal at the other end. In some cases, the signal will transfer over even longer sections of cable.

* Every situation is different since many different factors play into the noise that could be introduced on the signal wire from outside interference. Home wiring in walls, strong radio waves, and other electrical noise sources could make your situation require a signal sender and signal receiver at shorter lengths of cable. In other cases you may be able to get even further without signal extenders.


  • Send reliable signal through up to 500+ feet of wire to signal receiver.
  • Compatible with 3-wire addressable LED lights. See list of known compatible lights below.
  • Completely waterproof (IP68), sealed in electronics rated potting epoxy.
  • Supports power passthrough of 6.5V to 53V.
  • Can connect more than one signal receiver to this signal sender.
  • Includes pre-installed 16AWG wires on both the input and output sides.
  • Easily snaps into our aluminum tracks for easy installation when jumping long distances between strings of lights.
  • These also serve as logic level converters. Connect directly to a 3.3V or 5V digital controller and these will work perfectly with either.


Value Units
Supply Voltage / Pass Through Voltage 5.6 to 53 V
Pass Through Current 14 A
Data Transfer Rate Max 2.2 Mbps
Digital Input Voltage 3 to 5.5 V
Digital Input Logic Low ≤0.8 V
Digital Input Logic High ≥2 V
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 185 °F
Thermal Shutdown Protection 302 °F


Compatible Lights

Below are lights we know are compatible with the Huckleberry signal extending system, but other 3-wire lights are likely compatible as well.
  • Huckleberry Lighting lights
  • GS9208 without using backup signal wire
  • WS2811
  • WS2812B
  • WS2813 without using backup signal wire
  • WS2814 without using backup signal wire
  • WS2815 without using backup signal wire
  • SK6812
  • UCS1903
  • UCS2904
  • TM1812
  • TM1814

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Down Lighting

Add architectural down lighting to your home without any additional hardware. Every light allows you to tune any color temperature of white light by mixing RGB color with the dedicated warm white LEDs. Match your other exterior lighting or tune your own color.

Use the app to choose which lights to have on. Illuminate features of your home such as peaks, house number, entries, etc.

12 Total LEDs Per Light

Each light has 3 dedicated warm white LEDs in addition to 3 RGB, each with a red, green, and blue LED. Making our lights one of the brightest in the market.