DIY Permanent Home Accent and Holiday Lighting for Thousands Less

Save money while getting better and brighter lights and more capabilities than other commercial installer's systems and with a lifetime warranty.

  • 48 Volt System

    Install hundreds of feet in one run without additional power injection points, unlike other 5V, 12V, and 24V systems.

    Classified as low voltage, allowing for you to install without an electrician.

  • Low Profile Aluminum Track

    Low profile powder coated aluminum tracks are barely noticeable on your home.

    Track with lights 
  • Fully Controllable Lights

    Create colors, patterns, and animations. Each light is individually addressable with 3 RGB and 3 dedicated 2800K true warm white LEDs.

Mobile App and Web App

Seamlessly connects to all devices, including the Android and iOS app, and any device with a web browser.

Software Info

Architectural Down Lighting

Add customizable architectural down lighting to your home without any additional hardware.

Accent Features of Your Home

Illuminate features of your home such as peaks, house number, home entrances, walkways, porches, etc. Choose which lights to have on and create lighting profiles.

Our lights are so bright that a single light can illuminate parts or sections of your home.

12 LEDs Per Light

Each light has 3 dedicated true warm white (2800K) LEDs alongside 3 RGB, each with a red, green, and blue LED, making our lights one of the brightest on the market.

More Details
  • Use Year Round

    Lighting for architecture, accent, security, holidays, birthdays, parties, game day, and more.

  • Setup Schedules

    Create multiple lighting schedules, including sunset and sunrise lighting, timed lighting, by calendar date, or days of the week, and choose what preset to run with each.

  • Smart Home Compatible

    Use the native Home Assistant Smart Home integration to automate your lights even more. Make your lights respond to weather events, auto display your favorite team's colors when they are playing a game, and more.

Customize White Color Temperature

Every light allows you to tune any color temperature of white light by mixing RGB color with the dedicated warm white LEDs.

Match your existing exterior lighting or tune your own color of white.

Discreet Lights

Each light extends ⅛ inch below the aluminum track, making them barely noticeable from streetview.

Focused Light Beam

We designed our lights to emit a focused beam of light.

Each light’s LEDs are focused through individual lenses to form a defined beam of light, while still emitting some light up to 180°. This creates great holiday lighting and architectural accent lighting.

  • Waterproof

    Lights have an IP68 rating, meaning they are waterproof, suitable for submersion in water, and have total dust ingress protection.

  • UV Light Resistant

    Our lights have a clear plastic body and lenses that are UV light resistant.

  • Flame-Retardant

    Lights have a UL 94 rating of V-0, meaning they self extinguish. Burning stops within 10 seconds.

Lifetime Warranty

We provide an industry leading lifetime product warranty. We can do this because we are the engineers behind our system and know its quality and robustness. We don't just batch test – we test all of our electronic products before we ship any product to you.

Pay At Your Own Pace

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