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Huckleberry Lighting

4 Channel Controller

4 Channel Controller

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Can be connected directly to a string of Huckleberry lights if the cable between the controller and the first light is 30-40 feet or less. In situations where you need to run more than 30-40 feet of cable between your controller and string of lights you may encounter data signal issues. This is why we designed the Huckleberry Signal Extending System. This controller has integrated technology to allow it to send a reliable digital signal up to 500+ feet to a Huckleberry Signal Receiver. The Huckleberry signal receiver, receives a special 2-wire signal from the controller and converts it to the single wire data signal your lights need. See the wiring diagram below in the Resources section for how easy it is to connect a receiver to this controller and your string of lights.


  • WLED software pre-installed
  • 4 output signal channels
  • Power Supply
    • 48V up to 12A
    • Mean Well LRS-600-48 600W switching power supply
    • Main power supply is disabled when lights aren't being used to save power
  • Water resistant enclosure and wire ports. Can be installed outside where falling water may hit it
  • Electrical Protections
    • Short circuit protection
    • Overload protection
    • Over voltage protection
    • Over temperature protection
  • Forced air cooling
  • Powered by 100-120V AC
  • Self-contained solution


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Down Lighting

Add architectural down lighting to your home without any additional hardware. Every light allows you to tune any color temperature of white light by mixing RGB color with the dedicated warm white LEDs. Match your other exterior lighting or tune your own color.

Use the app to choose which lights to have on. Illuminate features of your home such as peaks, house number, entries, etc.

12 Total LEDs Per Light

Each light has 3 dedicated warm white LEDs in addition to 3 RGB, each with a red, green, and blue LED. Making our lights one of the brightest in the market.